At Allegro Dance and Fitness, we offer three types of workout classes: Allegro Barre, Buti Yoga, and coming soon, 305 Fitness. All of our classes are led by qualified, experienced instructors who love sharing their knowledge of dance and fitness with the community.   

Classes are open to women of all fitness levels as the moves can be modified to fit your needs. The classes are designed to empower you to do more while providing you with a safe and comfortable environment. Registration for fitness classes is required, so be sure to sign up. Learn more about our fitness policies, including requirements for cancellations, here. Welcome to the Allegro Tribe!

Allegro Barre

All of our Allegro Barre instructors are certified in the BarreAmped fitness method, created by international fitness celebrity Suzanne Bowen. Our Barre classes are an intensive body shaping experience designed to produce reliable results, no matter the client. The class is influenced by classical and modern dance (though it is not a dance class) and utilizes a barre to achieve optimal positioning.

Insights from Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic stretching balance out the class nicely.  The technique focuses mainly on small, isolated movements within deeply held and challenging postures. Allegro Barre is proven to increase metabolism, burn fat, and lengthen tight muscles. With commitment and consistency, you get recognizable results exactly where you want them.

Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga workouts transform your body & soul with cardio intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement, and conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. Created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body.  Instead of linear movements, Buti favors movements that challenge the body along all planes of motion. The result: Long, lean muscle with sexy feminine curves.   Join our Buti Tribe and THRIVE!

Coming Soon…305 Fitness!

305 Fitness is a 45 minute nonstop cardio party featuring fun, easy to follow dance cardio moves & toning for your core/glutes.  No dance experience required! With music mixes curated by NYC DJS, this class is perfect for music lovers and open to all levels.