Free Fitness Classes!

Ring in the New Year, and get a jump start on those resolutions with a week of free classes!

Do you struggle to find motivation and have to talk yourself into working out? Maybe you are doing the wrong workout, or maybe you are at the wrong studio/gym for YOU. Fitness is NOT “one size fits all”, so you have to find an environment in which you can THRIVE. ⁣

Our methods are beginner friendly but also great for those who are farther along in their fitness journey, and our instructors are excellent at keeping you motivated. Give us a try, and let us show you how we make EVERY class YOUR class! ⁣

The free week is open to new clients and anyone who hasn’t taken a class with us in the last six months. In order to redeem the free class, click here, and select to purchase one fitness class (you may need to sign in or create a log in). At checkout, use promo code: NEWYEARNEWME. The promo code will you sign you up for free and can be used an unlimited amount of times between January 6th and 11th.

We look forward to seeing you in class!